Date: 11/11 (Monday) - 11/15 (Friday), 2019

Venue: Conference Room 6620, Institute of Theoretical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences


The discoveries at the LHC have proven to be not-so-encouraging for workers in supersymmetry. While phenomenological failures have little implications for non-perturbative aspects of supersymmetry, they have driven experts away into more non-supersymmetric topics. Nevertheless, just as there would be no Renaissance without the Dark Ages, or the Superstring revolutions without the 'bad times' that came before, this is also a time of opportunities. This workshop brings together independent and recalcitrant spirits that perseveres with the subject. Here at this workshop do not care about the latest fashion. There are no big shots to impress nor funding bodies to please (except your wonderful organizers). At this workshop you can discuss previous works that deserve more attention, ongoing work in an unexplored territory, or promising directions that will stand the test of time.

The title of the workshop is same as the famous speech by Freeman Dyson, which serves as our inspiration.

Invited speakers:

Eoin O. Colgain (APCTP)

Junbao Wu (Tianjin)

Junya Yagi (Perimeter)

Hossein Yavartanoo (ITP)

Kentaroh Yoshida (Kyoto)


Time Mon (11th) Tue (12th) Wed (13th) Thu (14th) Fri (15th)
10-11am Yoshida 1 Yagi 1 Yoshida 2 Yagi 2
3:30-4:30pm Yavartanoo 1 Colgain 1 Colgain 2 Wu 1 Yavartanoo 2
6pm Hotpot Dinner

Talk titles:

Yavartanoo 1: EVH black holes, take two

Yavartanoo 2: TBA

Yoshida 1: TTbar deformation and holography

Yoshida 2: Yang-Baxter deformation and generalized supergravity

Colgain 1: Making string theory great again

Colgain 2: Tri-vector deformation of d=11 supergravity

Yagi 1: Omega-deformation of B-twisted theories

Yagi 2: Chiral algebras from Omega-deformation

Wu 1: BPS Wilson loops in 3d super-Chern-Simons theories.


Aritra Banerjee (APCTP)

Gang Yang (ITP)

Peng Zhao (ITP)


There is no registration fee. Please send an email to with your name and affiliation.